SIDEMEN $100 vs $10,000 BIRTHDAY PARTY...Josh and Simon are the birthday celebrants, one of them is in for a treat...the other, not so much!

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🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)


🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)

🔴 JJ (KSI)

🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)


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    @The Rick bruh u spelt even wrong😅😅

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    It’s my birthday 7 days after simons

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    Was wondering why the audio was a bit jumbled up

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    42:07 that one there was a violation, personally i wouldnt have it

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    Augie Lucente2 timmar sedan

    Ngl the “bad” birthday looked like more fun

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    bruhhh harry is a fokin geniusss 40:00

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    That is completely eminem lol😂

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    Yo go to 12:25 and look at his Lock Screen😂

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    Jj face 15:44

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    12:24 ethans wallpaper tho 😂😂

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    Need more evan

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    Evan was chill I'm happy he got included in the video👌

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    I am confused is this The Sidemen channel or is this The Sidemen Sunday channel

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    Are u a new subscriber?

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    They deffo gave Phil a fuckin line before this

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    Evan was such a great addition need more of this top lad

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    Evan is a G

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    29:50 bro in te back's dying 🤣🤣 after JJ's reaction

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    We love Evan^-^🖤!

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    12:24 ethans wallpaper XD

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    Bro look at Ethans Screensaver at 12:24 in the video

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    Amazing Phill needs to be in every video. He’s hilarious

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    12 25 ethans lock screen 📸

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    Not for my birthday but many highschool parties were held in rooms similar to Josh’s b day room lmao

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    Every comment is about Evan that is amazing

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    Scrolling to the comments of this seeing Evans name everywhere , fare to say his brought life to the party !

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    did yall see ethan wallpaper, damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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    1 of the best videos ever

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    The clown guy was the favourite one here lol

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    Aye yo The Amazing Phill be moving mad with his giant wand!

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    54:46 listen with ur eyes closed

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    We all loved Evan . 😂 .

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    We want more Evan

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    Idk man I love Phil he should be in more sidemen videos, maybe even a sidemen tinder with Phil lol

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    12:25 Did anyone besides me see Ethan's wallpaper?

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    Just an observation.

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    The clown carried the first 20 mins of this vid ngl man was popping off

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    Yes jj there is a wall

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    12:25 my boy Bhez got that thicc thicc for his lock screen

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    please invite evan to more things

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    Evan should be a new sidemen member like if u agree

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    why does evan have a background foto of a girl in a swimsuit? LOL

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    Evan is a legend

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    Is it just me who hates callux with a passion

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    Y’all see Ethans wallpaper

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    phil made this 100× better

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    anyone clock ethan’s pfp at 12.15

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    Vik: “nahh we aren’t in the basement of where they are” Also vik 5 minutes later: “ we’re sick detectives tho, we know we’re in the bin, i know exactly” 😂😂😂 ahah love it

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    12:24 look at Ethan a phone screen lmao

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    Look at his phone screen**

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    This video was an absolute banggerrrr and I love the way they all came together at the end just beautiful 🤌

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    There’s thousands of comments that I ain’t got time to read through…but anyone else notice JJ sleeping in the car with the blindfold😂😂

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    bro anyone else notice how the audio sometimes didn’t match the clips ?

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    29:47 The encounter with the worker and jjs reaction was suttin else😂😂

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    The clown was the best

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    100 vs 10000 unboxing please

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    30:54 ayo Josh is mad look at his fist.

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    10k before I upload first video challengeDag sedan

    I love the fact that basically the whole comment section is just a Evan appreciation chat.

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    Abdulrahman OsmanDag sedan

    Evan reminds of korg from thro ragnarok, bring him back in more sidemen sundays please!

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    Kash ValeraDag sedan

    I thought Evan was Mo for a second

    OF BALDADag sedan

    the phone at 12:25

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    Evan passed the vibe check

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    Phil and Evan are f*****g legends

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    Vik's face when he turns around and sees Phil lmaooo. and harry's reaction too funny asf

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    I just realized that Harry and Simon are almost never on the same team

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    bro anyone else notice how the audio sometimes didn’t match the clips ?

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    Someome gave up editing halfway through bowling tbh

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    anyone else see how harry tried to subtly wipe his hand after he touched evan’s leg? 😂🤣

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    Vik: “nahh we aren’t in the basement of where they are” Also vik 5 minutes later: “ we’re sick detectives tho, we know we’re in the bin, i know exactly” 😂😂😂 ahah love it

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    why does josh sound like bart simpson 14:30

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  • DexIsFake
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    Im not saying josh doesnt and ik its all content but simon deserves all the love