The least expected most ambitious SEblacks cross over event the world has ever seen.
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  • JJ Olatunji
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    Hello jj

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    Alihan Salmenov

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    @Xioano L

  • Alihan Salmenov

    Alihan Salmenov

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    @Xioano I can tell u come from TikTok 💀

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    6 dagar sedan

    What does ksi stand for? Kiss Simon immedieatly?

  • Yg._ oh

    Yg._ oh

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    shut up neek

  • House of leaves
    House of leaves6 minuter sedan

    Legit everyone here would die of starvation if they were stranded at sea woth bait and and fishing poles lmao jesus christ

  • B S
    B S20 minuter sedan

    Seeing Logan and ksi as a duo would be kinda sick ngl. some real rival to friend relationship that I think many might enjoy seeing.

  • Onixy
    Onixy26 minuter sedan

    1:10 vik knew the strats from the beginning

  • Oogway
    OogwayTimme sedan

    Rematch in Ohio

  • TunaYT_Shikutozimo
    TunaYT_ShikutozimoTimme sedan

    Im scared

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  • JayJayBoi
    JayJayBoiTimme sedan

    "Water" "Water" "Water"

  • brian lawson
    brian lawsonTimme sedan

    These guys are so annoying. They cackle and laugh like a bunch of women

  • Onixy


    23 minuter sedan

    U need some milk m8

  • Ni Ko

    Ni Ko

    28 minuter sedan

    God ur cringe

  • Savannah Sav
    Savannah SavTimme sedan

    This made my day

  • Swesteve 58
    Swesteve 58Timme sedan

    dont kill sharks

  • Mase Scott
    Mase ScottTimme sedan

    Misfits did it first

  • Rio Smith
    Rio SmithTimme sedan

    good call on separating logan

  • Robby & Carina Vlogs
    Robby & Carina VlogsTimme sedan

    They definitely need to collaborate more often!

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  • rnddlitty
    rnddlitty2 timmar sedan

    Wherrreesss your bait gone 😂😂

  • R Chai
    R Chai2 timmar sedan

    the thumbnail tho...

  • Tom Reynoldson
    Tom Reynoldson2 timmar sedan

    These fish be looking like small baby sharks

  • Shxunicas
    Shxunicas2 timmar sedan

    Josh is lowkey jokes

  • Elmeri Perälä
    Elmeri Perälä3 timmar sedan

    Wow josh was really rating salt and vinegar pringles

  • andrew Zapata
    andrew Zapata3 timmar sedan

    Logan Is hammered

  • Snaddy
    Snaddy3 timmar sedan

    Ahahaha ethan trying to bond with logan

  • deo
    deo3 timmar sedan

    5:35 I thought that was JJ 😭😭😭

  • Snaddy
    Snaddy3 timmar sedan

    0:39 AHAHAH

  • oliphericus
    oliphericus3 timmar sedan

    why is the cameraman on JJ's boat wearing a bicycle helmet?

  • warren Smith
    warren Smith3 timmar sedan

    When I was 8 I went fishing in Scotland with my grandparents and almost caught a seal

  • Everything SHORTS
    Everything SHORTS4 timmar sedan

    Jj: Literally sleeps and still ends up beating Logan Paul in fishing Logan: *This is rigged...*

  • Everything SHORTS
    Everything SHORTS4 timmar sedan

    Jj: "Wait why is the blood like red?..." "In Africa for every 60 seconds, a minute passes..." *Same Energy*

  • krishna uppal
    krishna uppal5 timmar sedan

    Who tf said we are collaborating with logan pual… Lets go fishing 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️

  • Right X
    Right X5 timmar sedan

    She smiled then, her cheeks red, her cheeks scattered with some kind of dust. It was a smile he thought he might die to earn again.

  • Emir Gungor
    Emir Gungor5 timmar sedan

    Ethan and logan are like besties

  • Freddy Harmison
    Freddy Harmison5 timmar sedan

    The awesome probation initially bury because luttuce putatively strip times a alike transmission. impossible, same move

  • Joan Dipre
    Joan Dipre5 timmar sedan

    Who else thought this video was gonna be extremely controversial but thoroughly enjoyed it P.S George Janko carried the other boat

  • Cameron Bowles
    Cameron Bowles5 timmar sedan

    Vikk vs George ?

  • MarczYT
    MarczYT6 timmar sedan

    If Jake see's this How does it feel to see your older brother here? How the tables have turned eh?

  • steven Moskalev
    steven Moskalev6 timmar sedan

    Come on guys. Let's all reach into our pockets. Ask mommy and daddy and let's send these find gentlemen more money! A good rule of thumb is deposit 25 percent of your paycheck into social media stars

  • Sim
    Sim6 timmar sedan

    When they mentioned the US UK special relationship this is what people were talking about.

  • Death Seekks me
    Death Seekks me6 timmar sedan

    Yeah I don't see the comedy in george

  • Lindsey Church
    Lindsey Church6 timmar sedan

    my anxiety spikes everytime they hold a fish for more than 8 seconds

  • daxter hunter
    daxter hunter6 timmar sedan

    The toothsome tablecloth italy fry because dredger analogically own apropos a ugliest egypt. incompetent, chubby drama

  • Marabou
    Marabou7 timmar sedan

    i searched it up starfish is not a real fish

  • Ugnius Sadauskas
    Ugnius Sadauskas7 timmar sedan

    I have never seen jj and logan in One video

  • Jebus Krustt
    Jebus Krustt7 timmar sedan

    How did kirsty just teleport from jj’s boat to logan’s

  • Alexios of sparta
    Alexios of sparta7 timmar sedan

    Logan got clapped

  • Mr: mcc chicken -
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  • ALPHA strike
    ALPHA strike7 timmar sedan

    this is the definition of for the boys

  • A-a-ron the1st
    A-a-ron the1st8 timmar sedan

    Me: yes Sidemen: 27:09

  • Jakob Andersson
    Jakob Andersson8 timmar sedan

    Only the dead fish follow the stream

  • ༒♛Nikko Jenkins♛༒
    ༒♛Nikko Jenkins♛༒8 timmar sedan

    they friend now

  • D_xvn-
    D_xvn-8 timmar sedan

    Man i love how jake isn't there

  • D_xvn-
    D_xvn-8 timmar sedan

    man thanks for the video i relly enjoyed

  • Frank A
    Frank A8 timmar sedan

    Harry “should I just dive in and get one”😂

  • D_xvn-
    D_xvn-8 timmar sedan

    wow 1 hour

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams9 timmar sedan

    Tbh it would of been funnier if Logan said about to enjoy my water and it said bo'ohw'o'wo'er.

  • SoccerHD 7
    SoccerHD 79 timmar sedan

    Plot twist: they caught the shark 3 times in a row😭

  • Sliip
    Sliip9 timmar sedan

    Yo that joke at the start completely caught me off guard 😂

  • Riley Anderson
    Riley Anderson9 timmar sedan

    My mom holding me as a baby: 13:53

  • EbonKing
    EbonKing10 timmar sedan

    Final score 12-7 Cuz jack reese took away 2 points

  • Isaac Van Riesen
    Isaac Van Riesen10 timmar sedan

    Banger of a video from the boys

  • Theo
    Theo10 timmar sedan


  • pp productions
    pp productions10 timmar sedan

    I'm pretty sure the 5th fish that logans team caught was pedro the fish that ksi's team caught earlier😭💀

  • SoloAlex2005
    SoloAlex200510 timmar sedan

    Damn imagine if rackaracka was on this, there would've been a huge as fight scene at the end

  • stiK
    stiK11 timmar sedan

    Josh taking the smallest bites out of his Pringles

  • R3D
    R3D11 timmar sedan

    It’s great to see Logan Paul and KSI get along

  • Sebastian Rose
    Sebastian Rose11 timmar sedan

    I’m the same as Ethan with the sharks

  • Cassie
    Cassie11 timmar sedan

    nobody: ........ ksi: they throwing the fish back in the water it must b the SAME fish

  • K
    K12 timmar sedan

    LMFAO all the beef was a way to get more attention and money from sheep viewers and fans who would use their time and money to keep up with it... how do yall feel knowing now they were like 90% on good terms through the whole "beef" thing?

  • Big Body whip
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  • Cassie


    11 timmar sedan

    They keep calling it a shark lol it's a smooth hound

  • Apex Rays
    Apex Rays13 timmar sedan

    That fish at 47:30 just got caught by Harry then released then gets caught by Lohan

  • Colin
    Colin13 timmar sedan

    how did the filmer (girl in the yellow) get from one boat to the other boat???

  • GVO Diani
    GVO Diani14 timmar sedan

    Harry is so unintentionally funny man

  • ctc612
    ctc61214 timmar sedan

    "wtf do i do"😂

  • Alex Cornelio
    Alex Cornelio14 timmar sedan

    Best collab with logan

    COZYBOYFACETIME14 timmar sedan

    Idk why but this makes me happy

  • LeGoat Is better than MJ
    LeGoat Is better than MJ15 timmar sedan


  • yes now
    yes now15 timmar sedan

    Here we can see who in the sidemen like Logan and those who don't want to be on a boat with him.

  • Fernando Ferreira-Neto
    Fernando Ferreira-Neto16 timmar sedan

    Did jj really try to give himself a beard in the thumbnail

  • Bas k
    Bas k16 timmar sedan

    4:12 There can’t be a Sidemen video without KSI having a voice crack

  • Dayhaven 🤙
    Dayhaven 🤙16 timmar sedan

    -Using crabs as weapons- PETA: 👁️👄👁️

  • Cxnzz
    Cxnzz16 timmar sedan

    vic looks like jay off of big mouth

  • johnny8dog1
    johnny8dog116 timmar sedan

    OMG could I care less?

  • Iitz Jude Rl
    Iitz Jude Rl16 timmar sedan

    Me like ksi not scared in the e ring he’s scared of fish

  • Laura Sanchez
    Laura Sanchez17 timmar sedan

    They keep calling it a shark lol it's a smooth hound

  • Avuridge
    Avuridge17 timmar sedan

    | Petition for Sidemen Tinder with Logan Paul | V

  • Mikah Pace
    Mikah Pace17 timmar sedan

    9:50 he was just reeling but drag was so loose it wasn’t doing anything hahaha

  • John
    John17 timmar sedan

    logan paul on sidemen tinder pleaseee

  • Josiah Kahkonen
    Josiah Kahkonen17 timmar sedan

    10:06 dudes drag is so low he can’t reel in the bait 😂

  • No Name
    No Name17 timmar sedan

    They just keep catching the same shark over and over

  • josh juar
    josh juar17 timmar sedan

    George was lowkey so funny in this video

  • KuwitnoBuu
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  • Gage Marshall
    Gage Marshall18 timmar sedan

    heck outta here with that Heineken harry, try some budwieser.

  • Bridget Dodd
    Bridget Dodd18 timmar sedan

    The bants between Ethan and Logan were soo good

  • Benjamin Masters
    Benjamin Masters18 timmar sedan

    Logan Paul Team: Never thought I would get big enough to collab with the side chicks 😂

  • Michael Deeping
    Michael Deeping18 timmar sedan

    What are the odds of them catching each others line 🤣🤣

  • Zachary Rodriguez
    Zachary Rodriguez19 timmar sedan

    Am I the only one that thinks they kept catching the same shark they threw in 😭